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Well Water Pump

Start enjoying water thanks to a well water pump.
Well water pumps from Dewey Wright come with a free five year warranty.

Types of New Wells


There are essentially three types of wells. One type is a well that’s dug by hand and the water is drawn up through a bucket – the ‘classic’ well you might say. The other is a driven well that uses a small pipe that's put into a shallow water table and pumped. The third is a drilled well that are designed to go much deeper than a driven well. Wells of this nature involve creating a casing of the ground to prevent water contamination. They feature pumps and pressure tanks to get the water where it needs to go. At Dewey Wright we use air rotary drilling and our expert team takes all the steps necessary to make sure that your well is safe and secure.


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Well Pumps in Boone

Once your well is dug, the kind of well water pump you need depends on several factors. These can include the wells’ water level, diameter and how you intend to use it. Whether you plan to use it for home or for farming is also a deciding factor. For instance, those people living in rural areas, who may need well water pumps for irrigation, livestock, etc., your demands are quite different than people in a home. That's why your first step is to find a quality well pump supplier that understands your particular needs. Dewey Wright is that supplier. We're ready to help by using the finest materials, like JClass Pumps and Challenger Pressure Tanks, which both that come with a five-year warranty at no charge to you. Find out more for yourself. Simply contact us today.