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Well repair service from Dewey Wright involves using brands like JClass pumps and Challenger pressure tanks.

Dewey Wright for Well Repairs


Proper well repairs began with finding out what issues you're facing. Next is making sure you have the proper materials for the job. When it comes to new wells or well pump repair that requires new materials, Dewey Wright uses products such as JClass pumps and Challenger pressure tanks. Both of these well products both come with a free five-year warranty. This way you know that you're covered.


Call Dewey Wright for Well Repairs – 828-266-0220.

Other Well repairs

Sometimes the well repair service you need isn't the pump. Sometimes, it can be a pressure tank. Essentially, the pressure tank is what controls the water pressure. That means when you turn on the spigot you know the water will flow at a certain speed. So, whether you have an issue with your well pump or your pressure tank you have someone to help you. Just contact the well repair service experts at Dewey Wright. We serve Boone NC and all of the surrounding counties. All it takes is a few moments of your time to call or e-mail us.